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A collection of materials for students and practitioners of interactive design who want to make timepieces.

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A Collection of Time and Clock-Related Works

Public Clocks

The Chronophage by John C. Taylor. An analog clock with an insect theme. How he creates the lighting effect without changing the lights is interesting.

The 10,000 Year Clock by the Longnow Foundation. Originated by Danny Hillis, Brian Eno, and Kevin Kelly, the 10K year clock is a monument intended to help encourage very long-term thinking. The basic premise of the Longnow foundation is this: civilization has been around ~10,000 years. If we plan to make it another 10,000, we need to get better at long term thinking.

Paolo Salvagione works on the Long Now clock and was a resident at Pier 9.

Last Clock 2002, by Jussi Ängeslevä with Ross Cooper. A screen-based clock where the hands are made from camera and media feeds.

Software Clocks

Lass Clock a tidal clock showing tide movement on a synthesized landscape. 2018, author lass, in Golan Levin’s Interactivity & Computation class. Accessed June 29 2020.

Indoor Clocks

Bulbdial Monochrome Kit One of Evil Mad Scientist Labs’ clock kits. Does a wonderful job at projecting the hands of the clock as shadows.

11+ WORLD CLOCK by Leibal. Shows time in different time zones by rolling the clock.

Sasa Clock by Thorunn Arnadottir. Counts time using a series of beads, not unlike a rosary.

Luminance Arielle Hein’s clock reflects sunrise and set.

QlockTwo a word clock.

The Present is a one year clock. The kickstarter mentions a circuit to slow the second tick down; this Design Boom article mentions custom German mechanisms but those also seem to show the customization of a different MCU.


Time Traveller by Mr. Jones Watches (Crispin Jones). The one moving hand has a tall building for every time zone, so it tells time in all time zones simultaneously. A dot tells the seconds.

Long Distance Watch Kitmen Keung’s dual-face watch, so you can always know what time it is at home.

Slow Watch Watch with a single hand that takes 25 hours to go around the face. By Slow Watches.

Working Watch Cufflinks Why not?

Christiaan van der Klaauw specializes in astronomical complications. JF - I like ones with spherical (rather than flat) moon phase indicators.

Hodinkee has hi-res pictures of fancy watches.

Dezeen’s List of Watch Brands Pure watch design porn. So many things we want there!

Orreries and Armillaries

Aeroport Orly Ouest Horloge Astronomique by Alfred Faullimel and others. A large yet compact depiction of several astronomic properties of the earth, moon, sun and solar system.

Equinox is a sun-powered 3D printer similar to an armillary sphere (see above).

Other Timepieces

Eclisse Table Lamp by Artemide. Lamp that takes inspiration from the phases of the moon.

Continue Time Sander Mulder elegantly combines all three hands of a clock.

O’clock. Time Design, Design Time An exhibit of timepieces at the Milan Triennale museum in 2011. Sadly, the catalog, which is very good, cannot be found online. Here’s another review of it.

One Day Poem Pavilion uses the sun’s motion to project and animate a poem that changes through the course of a day and over seasons.

Quadrature has inspiring clock-adjacent work, including Voyager