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“The first rule of Clock Club is that no one checks the time at Clock Club.”

About This Repository

This repo is written with students and scholars of interactive design in mind. It’s a collection of materials we’ve gathered for our own projects and interest in the subject of time. There are software examples of how to make clocks here, microcontroller-driven hardware examples, and fabrication examples of how to make hands and mechanisms. There are also readings and links to other material we’ve found useful.

Who We Are

Clock Club started at NYU’s ITP in about 2016 because a handful of us like making timepieces and wanted external motivation and convesation to work on them. The group includes designers, programmers, electronics hobbyists, fabricators, and scholars.

What You Need To Know

We assume you’re interested in time and timekeeping, probably have a background in interactive design, but aren’t necessarily an engineer or professional programmer. You know a little about computer programming. Examples are written in a few programming frameworks that are common in interaction design programs. For further reading on some of the basics we assume, you might want to check out the ITP Physical Computing Site, the ITP Fabrication Site, or the ITP Intro to Computational Media site.

Site Organization

The site is organized into the following sections:


Contributors to this site include Ben Light, Jeff Feddersen, Tom Igoe, Nuntinee Tansrisakul, Arnab Chakravarty, Che-Wei Wang, Yeseul Song, and Will Odom.

If you’re looking for something to add, see the issues list for to-do items.