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A disorganized collection of notes and links from sporadic Clock Club meetings. Folks, please feel free to move stuff from here to the more organized pages.

19 Oct 2020

Oct 12 2020

Sometime in July

3 Jun 2020

June 4 2020

From Jeff 5 Jun: I enjoyed this, and also enjoyed today the Bantam Tools stream Ben mentioned, showing how Nicholas Manousos used the mill to cut parts, including escapements and wheels (brass stamp blanks for stock, .3mm end mill).

He mentioned a key watchmaking book by George Daniels, and in looking that up, I came across Daniels’ “Space Traveler” watch and thought of Che-Wei and the discussion of watches in space

It has two similar but independent wheel trains, one for solar time and one for sidereal star time. Tons of info, and some amazing hand-drawn plans, here

17 Jun 2020

From Will: Here’s a link to a paper that’s about to come out that details the music player we built that explores different chronological and non-chronological temporal modalities with your listening history:

Also, if interested here’s a different kind of slow music player with reduced control and only inquires into a chronological encoding of time, but that explores how the listening history archive can slowly age over time

19 Jun 2020

Links from June 4 2019:–201804A19/

Tom: Humans since 1982 have a similar quarantine clock

A Google Doc of notes to be parsed through