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Welcome to the ITP/IMA

Code of Conduct

All ITP/IMA community members are expected to thoroughly read and understand.

Welcome to the ITP/IMA Code of Conduct!

All ITP/IMA community members are expected to thoroughly read and understand the Code of Conduct!

The ITP/IMA CoC is an evolving work-in-progress document that establishes and communicates the commitment of the ITP/IMA community to uphold a key set of standards and obligations that aim to make ITP/IMA an inclusive and welcoming environment.

The CoC is open to revisions, clarifications, and reconsideration. For more information on how the Code of Conduct came to be, who was involved, and how you can get involved check out the Code of Conduct Development Code of Conduct Development. For questions or suggestions, contact

Many terms, concepts, and words in this Code of Conduct may be new or unfamiliar. Please refer to the Glossary for clarification of meaning. Certain words may be highlighted in the Code of Conduct with definitions in order to assist with comprehensibility.

This project follows the all-contributors specification. Contributions of any kind welcome!

📚 Reading List

In addition to the Code of Conduct itself, when considering the development of creative computing applications, we recommend a further Reading List which highlights key texts on ethics and technology.